Darrell De Freitas '12

Darrell De Freitas '12 used his problem-solving and communications skills to land a position at a company dedicated to advancing the art and science of media production.

York College played an instrumental role in Darrell’s transition from computer hobbyist on the island of St. Lucia to lead software developer at Cubist Media Group in Philadelphia.

When Darrell was oceans away researching quality computer science programs on the East Coast, he came across York College. The admissions staff helped him through the process and really made him feel at home after only one visit to campus.

Darrell thrived as a student at York and even helped start a club for his major. He admired the fact that professors always had an open door or were only a phone call or email away.

“York College gave me everything I needed, including the problem-solving and analysis skills to make me successful,” said Darrell. “Most of my computer science classes required me to take what we went over in class and apply it in a new and interesting way on a test or homework assignment. In the workplace, it’s just like an extended homework assignment.”

Outside of the technical skills he gained from York College, he also became an effective communicator. This helps him easily collaborate with his team on projects at Cubist.

But what ultimately set Darrell up for success was his internship at Shipley Energy, which led to a second internship, a part-time position and a full-time position the day after graduation.

“I’m confident I received a world-class education,” he said. “This has helped me to live out my dreams in the states.” 

Darrell De Freitas '12 

Computer Science

Software Developer

Cubist Media Group