Dan Werbeck '10

Dan Werbeck ’10 supports York College because his education allows him to be an impactful teacher in his own classroom.

Werbeck, a 7th grade science teacher at North Bethesda Middle School, uses a variety of teaching strategies and classroom management techniques his professors once taught him.

“The biggest advantage of attending York is the ability for students to develop and foster relationships with their professors,” he said. “I was also able to collaborate with other students, allowing for a greater depth of learning.”

In addition to the relationships he built in the classroom, he was hands-on during his field experiences and student teaching at local schools.

“York College provided me with opportunities to engage in the community, while developing my craft of teaching,” said Werbeck, a secondary education/general science grad.

Because York is where he was able to shape his passion for education, Werbeck continues to show his support by serving on the Alumni Board and the D.C. chapter of the Alumni Association.

“I will continue to give back to an alma mater that has given and taught me so much,” he added.

Dan Werbeck ’10

Secondary Education/General Science Major

7th Grade Science Teacher

North Bethesda Middle School