Anne Sturm '13

Anne Sturm ’13 used her service learning experience to land a management position at a York performing arts center.

Anne began working at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center in York during her junior year at York College through an opportunity that was encouraged by one of her professors.

The 30 hours of service learning experience gave her knowledge that couldn’t be found in the classroom. 

This opportunity also led to a part-time assistant general manager position, and then a full-time general manager position at the Strand.

“I worked full time during my last semester of my senior year,” she said. “Juggling classes and the workload were challenging, but extremely rewarding.”

If that wasn’t enough, Anne was an Orientation Leader and active member of Delta Phi Epsilon.

Because of the work ethic developed at York College, she continues to take on more responsibilities at the Strand. Some of her day-to-day responsibilities include pre-executing contractual agreements with the artists’ agencies, supervising the Strand’s Box Office and managing programming.

“My experience at York College taught me time management and how to avoid procrastination, leaving me confident to take on new challenges,” she added.

Anne Sturm ’13

Bachelor of Science in Music
(With Studies in Music Industry and Recording Technology)

General Manager

Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center