Adrienne Freeland '07


Adrienne Freeland ’07 gained great communication skills and the confidence to try new things as a student at York College.

These are particularly important traits for her to possess in her current position as social media coordinator for Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, which is headquartered in Lancaster, Pa. Adrienne attributes both to her York College education. “English majors don’t just read books,” she said. “My professors taught me how to read and extract the relevant information and write about it effectively.”

“At York, I was challenged to try new things and jump in with both feet. In my job now, I have to just go for it when I’m learning new technologies and programs.”

Adrienne joined Phi Sigma Pi during her freshman year at York and was elected president as a senior. “This led to many opportunities to work with staff the College and learn the other side of collegiate life. Now, not only do I work more on that administrative side, but I work for the very organization that provided me those experiences.”

Adrienne Freeland '07

English Literary Studies Major

Social Media Coordinator

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity