Results Matter

Get an education that gets results.

At York College, we think the world has enough over-educated baristas. So we don’t settle for just educating our students, we prepare them to thrive in the real world … giving them the skills, the hands-on experience, and the confidence necessary to succeed on whatever path they choose. Because it isn’t enough to have a degree: What you need, what you expect to get for your significant investment in education, is a real edge. A distinct advantage. That’s what York College provides.

Check out some of our alumni, and learn how York College helped them achieve their results!

Anne Sturm '13 Anne Sturm '13

Anne used her service learning experience to land a management position at a York performing arts center. 

Learn how York College helped Anne achieve her results.

Results Matter - Seth Grove '02 Seth Grove '02

Seth had the opportunity to work in his field during his time at York College, and thus was able to apply his academic learning to the real world.

Learn how York College helped Seth achieve his results.

Results Matter - Darrell De Freitas Darrell De Freitas '12

Darrell used his problem-solving and communications skills to land a position at a company dedicated to advancing the art and science of media production.

Learn how York College helped Darrell achieve his results.

Leah Barteld Clague '07 Leah Barteld Clague '07

Leah used her leadership skills to become an associate attorney at McLaughlin Law Group.

Learn how York College helped Leah achieve her results.

Hannah Copenheaver ’13 Hannah Copenheaver '13

Hannah Copenheaver ’13 used her international experiences from York College to land a position assisting companies around south-central Pennsylvania with their exporting needs.

Learn how York College helped Hannah achieve her results.

Ivy Schneider ’04 Ivy Schneider '04

Ivy Schneider ’04 uses her practical knowledge from York College to help vulnerable children.

Learn how York College helped Ivy achieve her results.