'From Day One' alumni stories

Our graduates are proving that a dream career is possible

We don't think you should have to wait years to get hands-on training and experience in your career path. By getting a head start from day one, you'll be in great shape to graduate and go after that dream career. Think that's not attainable? Check out these stories of just a few of our many successful alumni who all put in the hard work and took advantage of what we have to offer. Now, they are working in their chosen field and doing amazing things. You can get incredible results at York College. Let us show you what's possible.

Amy Davies '13 From Day One Stories results matter Amy Davies '13 used her connections and experiences at York College, including an internship with the Best Buddies organization, to propel her to a Program Supervisor position with Best Buddies in Baltimore, Md., her "dream job." 

Learn how York College helped Amy achieve her results.

Kevin Schreiber '02 slider Kevin Schreiber '02 was elected to the state House of Representatives, taking advantage of skills he said he learned while at York College, such as problem-solving, team building, and critical thinking. YCP was the perfect fit for him.

Learn how York College helped Kevin achieve his results.

Eileen Reavey 13 slider Eileen Reavey '13

Eileen Reavey ’13 designed her own major and immersed herself in the campus and local community to get the training she needed to become an non-profit executive at age 23.

Learn how York College helped Eileen achieve her results.

Shelby Seaton 13 Shelby Seaton '13

Shelby Seaton '13 used the hands-on experience she got in her television production courses at York College to help her jump into a career in television broadcast news. 

Learn how York College helped Shelby achieve her results.

Janelle Shelly '09 Small ‌‌Janelle Shelly '09

Janelle Shelly ’09 took advantage of York College’s simulation labs and clinical experience to launch her career as a Registered Nurse.

Learn how York College helped Janelle achieve her results.

Katie Hertz video Katie Hertz '08

Being a student-athlete can be challenging, but the time management skills Katie Hertz '08 learned from York College prepared her for four years of optometry school.

Learn how York College helped Katie achieve her results.

Hannah Copenheaver ’13 Hannah Copenheaver '13

Hannah used her international experiences from York College to land a position assisting companies around south-central Pennsylvania with their exporting needs.

Learn how York College helped Hannah achieve her results.

Darrell Henry Darrell Henry '07

Darrell came to York College with a passion for sports and left with a career.

Learn how York College helped Darrell achieve his results.

Ivy Schneider ’04 Ivy Schneider '04

Ivy uses her practical knowledge from York College to help vulnerable children.

Learn how York College helped Ivy achieve her results.

Dan Werbeck '10 Dan Werbeck '10

Dan supports York College because his education allows him to be an impactful teacher in his own classroom.

Learn how York College helped Dan achieve his results.

Leah Barteld Clague '07 Leah Barteld Clague '07

Leah used her leadership skills to become an associate attorney at McLaughlin Law Group.

Learn how York College helped Leah achieve her results.

Results Matter - Darrell De Freitas Darrell De Freitas '12

Darrell used his problem-solving and communications skills to land a position at a company dedicated to advancing the art and science of media production.

Learn how York College helped Darrell achieve his results.

Anne Sturm '13 Anne Sturm '13

Anne used her service learning experience to land a management position at a York performing arts center. 

Learn how York College helped Anne achieve her results.

Results Matter - Seth Grove '02 Seth Grove '02

Seth had the opportunity to work in his field during his time at York College, and thus was able to apply his academic learning to the real world.

Learn how York College helped Seth achieve his results.

Adrienne Freeland '07Adrienne Freeland '07

Adrienne gained great communication skills and the confidence to try new things as a student at York College. 

Learn how York College helped Adrienne achieve her results.