Peer Support Network


York College Peer Support Network (PSN) is a student organization focused on identifying and training caring students on campus in how to identify, reach out, and help other students in distress. Members come from a variety of majors and have many different interests.

Students who have joined PSN are often perceived by their peers as "helpers" and student "listeners." The group aims to improve member's recognition of signs/symptoms of mental health distress, improve confidence in reaching out to others in distress, and improve member's ability to provide support and refer to the appropriate supportive resources in the community.

The core purposes of PSN are:

  1. To increase the number of students who are able to identify and refer friends with significant needs to appropriate resources on or off campus.
  2. To lend a peer-to-peer listening ear to the students of YCP.

Information, hours and location in which students may come and talk with trained members are available by contacting PSN e-board members at