Orientation Leader Program

Orientation Leaders are vital members of the Orientation Team, and are essential in aiding a new student's transition to the YCP community.

Each year The Office of Student Activities and Orientation seeks very well qualified students to become part of the team. A leader must demonstrate good academics and citizenship, a passion for leading, and a genuine love for York College of Pennsylvania.


Applicants must:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.3 for the duration of their appointment
  • Be a full-time enrolled undergraduate student
  • Be available for the entire duration of the Orientation Training and Program
  • Love YCP!

Time Commitment

OL's are hired for a full calendar year with commitments (after the interview) beginning in the Spring semester and rolling over into the next Fall.

  • Group Interview- Fall Semester
  • Training sessions-Early Spring Semester
  • Two Accepted Student Days- One in March and April
  • Orientation Leader Training- August (immediately prior to Orientation)
  • Orientation- The four days prior the start of Fall Classes
  • Follow-up Guidance Meeting- Mid-Fall Semester


Orientation Leader Applications are made available at the end of the Fall Semester. Students who are interested in applying may pick up an application in the Office of Student Activities and Orientation (SU205).

Orientation Coordinators

In addition to Orientation Leaders, the Office of Student Activities and Orientation also works with Student Orientation Coordinators (OC's). Orientation Coordinators are upper classmen who have previously served as Orientation Leaders, and have taken on this position of increased responsibility.

Applications for OC's are made available in early October, and in addition to the above requirements also assist in the planning and implementation of Orientation and OL applications/training.