ExCEL Leadership Series Events for Fall 2013

Below is the schedule of ExCEL leadership events scheduled to be held in the Fall semester. For additional leadership development opportunities please click here.

Everybody Has Got Time for That! - September 3

Social Styles - September 12

Leadership 101 - September 20

Joe Ehrmann: A Game Plan for Life - September 25

Evolution of Leadership  - September 29

The Servant Leader - October 3

Create Your Lead: Using Your Passions, Creativity, and Personality to Lead - October 7

Effective Speaking - October 16

Are You a Leader Or a Manager? - October 22

Leadership in Times of Crisis - October 29

Quotable Leadership: A roundtable discussion - November 4

Leadership Styles - November 12

Varied Leadership Experiences - November 21

Culture in Motion - December 5

Everybody Has Got Time for That!

Tuesday, September 3


William Walker Room


Time management is an area that many students struggle with. If you are having difficulty effectively managing your time or looking for techniques to better organize your priorities, this session is for you. During this presentation, the focus will be on how to balance your competing demands and make the most out of your day.

Presented by – Kathy Wagner, Area Coordinator of Residence Life

Social Styles

Thursday, September 12


Alumni Hall 

As a leader in any organization, it is important to know who you are and how you work with others. To continue your leadership capacity, it is important to know who you are working with and how they work with others, yourself included. This exercise will allow you to appreciate the "Golden Rule" yet live by the "Platinum Rule" when developing your leadership style.

Presented by – Ray Gordon, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Student Development and Programming

Leadership 101

Friday, September 20


William Walker Room


Are you interested in brushing up on your leadership skills? How about learning specific qualities that make an effective leader? Learn these skills plus what NOT to do as a student leader, all while engaging with fellow students and viewing scenes from popular Hollywood movies!

Presented by – Sean Lindemann & Emily Luco, Campus Activities Board Chair Members

Joe Ehrmann: A Game Plan for Life

Wednesday, September 25



Pastor, coach, motivational speaker, and former Baltimore Colt Joe Ehrmann has been called the Most Important Coach in America. Whether you are a student, teacher, or coach, don’t miss this opportunity to hear his inspirational message about how to transform your life and the lives of those you mentor.

Presented by – Joe Ehrmann, President of Coach for America; Author of InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives; former Professional Football Player Sunday,

Evolution of Leadership 

September 29



“When a leader truly excels, it’s time to raise their bar.” Rick focuses on the growth and development of leadership rookies, veterans, and even followers. He provides a comprehensive look at the possibilities that exist when the members of an organization embrace one another’s strengths and talents, build a tight-knit community and share the wealth.

Presented by – Rick Barnes, International President of FarmHouse Fraternity

The Servant Leader

Thursday, October 3


William Walker Room

Service to others is a concept that is often devalued and overlooked in today's society. However, those dedicated to serving others are typically leaders in their own respect. Visit this session to learn about how the servant can demonstrate leadership in their own unique way.

Presented by – Heather Dachiu, Resident Assistant, Residence Life

Create Your Lead: Using Your Passions, Creativity, and Personality to Lead

Monday, October 7


Willman Lecture Hall

It’s time to awaken all that is within you! Everyone has something uniquely special to offer. Learn how to effectively utilize your gifts, talents, personality, passions, and quirks to lead successfully in your community or organization.

Presented by – Edquina Washington, Director of Community Relations for York City; Co-Owner of WorldWIDE

Effective Speaking

Wednesday, October 16


William Walker Room

Communication is one of the key skills for any individual to perfect. Nearly every aspect of our lives relies on effective communication, from social interactions to business meetings and everything in between. This session will help you hone your communication skills to become an effective leader across multiple settings.

Presented by – Lowell Briggs, Instructor of Communication

Are You a Leader Or a Manager?

Tuesday, October 22


Willman Lecture Hall

In this engaging workshop, discover why you need to balance the roles of both a manager and a leader to effectively move your organization forward. Participants will come away with proven tips and techniques that they can put into place immediately.

Presented by – Matthew Randall, Executive Director of Center for Professional Excellence

Leadership in Times of Crisis

Tuesday, October 29



Crises demand particular leadership qualities. Some leaders come into their own when facing a crisis, while others seem out of their depth. Tom Albright, chief of the FBI’s Crisis Management Unit, shares the key qualities and behaviors that you should possess when leading in challenging times.

Presented by – Tom Albright ’83, Chief of FBI’s Crisis Management Unit

Quotable Leadership: A roundtable discussion

Monday, November 4


1770s Room

We've all read the quotes by famous people about leadership. From Dr. Suess to Teddy Roosevelt to Oprah Winfrey, everyone seems to have a quote about how to lead. At this roundtable, we will explore some of the most famous quotes and discuss how a leader would act if following the quotes advice. Participants are encouraged to bring a quote with them that they identify with and would like to have discussed at the roundtable.

Presented by – Tami Amrom, Assistant Director for the Office of Student Activities and Orientation

Leadership Styles

Tuesday, November 12


DeMeester Recital Hall

Leadership Styles Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, and LeBron James are all famous for very different reasons. But they all have one thing in common: they are all leaders. Leadership comes in various forms. Come discover which leadership style (or styles) best suits you and how you can begin to mold your own individual style.

Presented by – Nick McConnell, Area Coordinator of Residence Life

Varied Leadership Experiences

Thursday, November 21


William Walker Room

One leadership position in four years or four leadership positions in one year? Which scenario helps land you that big job? A look at why exposure to different leadership positions could be a huge benefit in your job search and what signs to look for to know that you are spreading yourself too thin. Presented by – Marcus Toomer, Residence Director of Residence Life

Culture in Motion

Thursday, December 5


Alumni Hall

In this engaging presentation, participants will be given the opportunity to practice building cultural sensitivity through the gaining of concepts and skills required for working across national cultures.

Presented by – Yoleidy Rosario, Assistant Director of International Student Life and Global Programming; and Nick McConnell, Area Coordinator of Residence Life