Greek Recruitment

Greek Recruitment

All Greek Organizations strive to bring new members into the Brother and Sisterhood. Through various programs and processes, chapters and potential members meet and find a mutual fit. While Recruitment and Intake happen at select times of the year, interested students are encouraged to meet chapters and current members at campus events year-round.

Spring Recruitment

National Panhellenic Conference formal spring recruitment offers you the opportunity to meet chapter members of all six sororities, while learning what each organization is about using their vision and standards of sisterhood.  

Throughout the process, recruitment counselors, who are disaffiliated sorority women, will answer any questions that you may think of while participating in recruitment. Participating in the recruitment process does not require you to join a chapter, but enables you to explore and learn more about the campus and Greek community. This is a great way to meet new people and find out about different ways to get involved on campus. This process is intended to be a positive, fun and enriching experience for all.

If you have questions about a specific organization, contact the Office of Student Activities and Orientation at

Fall Recruitment

Recruitment in the Fall is reserved for upperclass students who have completed atleast one semester of full-time course work, and have an established YCP GPA.

Interested individuals are encouraged to attend advertised "Info Nights" and the individially advertised chapter events.

Invitations for membership are extended on a chapter by chapter basis. It is possible that not all chapters will participate in the Fall semester.