Greek Chapter Evaluation

The purpose of the chapter evaluation is to ensure the minimum York College standards are being met by each recognized chapter.

YCP requires the following:
- A minimum of 2 Community service projects involving all members of the chapter per semester
- 1 Anti-Hazing program for the chapter per semester
- 1 Alcohol/Substance abuse program for your chapter per semester
- Meet with the chapter's campus advisor at least once per month
- 1 Excel Event per semester for each executive board member
- Attendance of 2 members at 2 Student Senate meetings per semester
- Each chapter president must schedule meetings with OSAO advisors at least twice a semester

In addition to holding chapters accountable, the evaluations are meant to allow the chapters to reflect on the semester's programs, and give feedback to the Office of Student Activities and Orientation.

The member in charge of each program is encouraged to complete the evaluation immediatly following the conclusion of the program so that information is still vivid and accurate. The End of Semester Evalutation will be completed at the conclusion of each semester and contain several broad topics, ranging from "Advisor Meetings" to "Semester Summary".

Chapters can find the links to this evaluations HERE (YCP log in required).