Religious Organizations

At York College, there are religious organizations on campus designed to help foster spiritual development. The groups gather for fellowship, service, religious or interfaith activities, and to discuss faith-related issues.

Newman Club (Catholic Campus Ministry)
The Newman Club is a national religious organization that supports the Catholic Campus Ministry. Students help with the College masses in Brougher Chapel, support interfaith dialogue, perform community service and hold social events. Students are also encouraged to come together to pray, socialize and celebrate Catholicism.

Hillel is a national organization that offers spiritual guidance and other activities to students of the Jewish faith. The York College chapter maintains Jewish traditions with a variety of on-campus activities and holiday celebrations.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an evangelical campus mission. Students gather at small group Bible studies, large gatherings on campus, leadership training, conferences and events. Affiliated with InterVarsity are the groups Athletes for Christ and Christian Nurses.

Christian Fellowship Organization
The Christian Fellowship Organization is a student-led Christian organization that supports service, faith and fellowship. Students of all Christian denominations and churches come together to share in belief in one Lord and one faith.

Habitat for Humanity
The York College chapter is a student organization that partners with York Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit, non denominational Christian ministry that helps to build homes with families in need. The group has workdays and organizes other social events.

Council on Spiritual Life
The Council on Spiritual Life, composed of the campus chaplains, coordinator of Spiritual Life, administrators, faculty, staff and students, plans and coordinates programs for interfaith activities on campus and provides informational materials on religious resources.