Registration Information

Spring 2016 Registration Form

New Students Who Wish to Enroll

If you wish to enroll at York College as a new, transfer or readmitted student, you must formally be admitted into a degree program. (Contact the Admissions Office to apply online and obtain further information.) Once you have been admitted to the College, the Registrar's Office will contact you about the appropriate registration procedures. The registration options will vary upon the time of the year.

Returning Matriculated Students

Here is some helpful information to assist you as you register for classes each semester.


  • Know your major requirements. Have a copy of your major worksheet and CAPP Degree Evaluation to review.
  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor at least one week before you register for classes.
  • Review the Schedule of Classes online and check the Registration Timetable for your assigned time slot.
  • Make a list of the CRNs (Course Reference Number) that you wish to register for and a list of alternative CRNs.

Deposit and Holds

  • Each semester you are required to submit a deposit of $100 for commuters or $200 for resident students before you can register for classes.
  • You should check for any holds on your account at least one week prior to registration so that they can be resolved in a timely fashion. Holds can include parking violations, Health Center information, tuition balance, dorm damage, Library fees, etc.
  • If you are registering for classes after the due date set by the Business Office, payment in full is expected on that day.
  • All newly matriculated students have an Advisor Hold placed on their account for their first two semesters of enrollment. This hold prohibits registration for classes until it is released by the Academic Advisor. The hold is released after the student meets with their advisor to discuss coursework, schedule and academic progress.


  • Course Registration Video
  • Go  to MyYCP and sign into the York College portal. Click on YCPWeb. Click on Student Services, then Registration, Add/Drop Classes, Select a Term and then enter your CRNs in the spaces available at the bottom of the page.
  • If you need to drop a class, click on the Action box and click Web Drop. Click Submit Changes on the bottom of the page.
  • To view your schedule of classes, go to Student Schedule by Day and Time. If you are registering for the next semester, enter the first day of the next semester at the top of the page or you will view the current semester classes.

Part-Time Non-Matriculated Students

Part-time non-matriculated students may begin to register for Spring 2016 classes on Wednesday, December 16, 2015  at 8:30 a.m.

  • You should begin the registration process by checking course availability by contacting the Registrar's Office or checking online at the Schedule of Classes Web page.
  • A $100 Tuition Deposit must be paid before you register for classes. 
  • Complete the course registration form;
  • You may register in person (at the Registrar' Office) by fax, or by mail.

Other helpful info