CAPP Degree Evaluation

The CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) system is used to track a student's course work toward his/her degree requirements. Matriculated students are able to run CAPP degree evaluations using their myYCP log in.

CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) Degree Evaluation is a tool that both students and academic advisors use to review the academic progress of a student in their major or any other major that is offered by York College. It shows students how the courses they have registered for and completed will apply to the curriculum requirements for their major and then displays what other courses are needed to complete their degree. This system was installed in the Fall 2003 semester and is active for all matriculated students.

*A student's CAPP is divided into the various areas of the major such as the core curriculum courses, the ADRs (Area Distribution Requirements), the major requirements, free electives and all other unique major requirements. These requirements can also be viewed in the College catalog and on the major worksheets.

Can students run their own CAPP Degree Evaluations?
Yes, CAPP can be accessed through myYCP and the YCPWeb.

If students are considering another major, is there a way to run a CAPP degree evaluation on the new major that would show how their existing courses would apply to the new curriculum?

Yes, the CAPP Degree Evaluation includes a function that allows matriculated students to create a What-If Analysis if they are currently an Undeclared major and considering a particular curriculum or if they are considering changing from one major to another.

How is CAPP used by students, advisors, and Academic Departments?
Students should run a CAPP Degree Evaluation each semester before they register for classes offered in the next semester. It is helpful to take a copy of the CAPP Degree Evaluation with you when meeting with your Academic Advisor. The CAPP degree evaluation will indicate completed coursework as well as courses that are still outstanding in the student's curriculum.

The CAPP Degree Evaluation is also used by the Academic Departments and the Records Office in certifying students to graduate from York College.

If the CAPP Degree Evaluation seems incorrect, is there a way to correct it?
Yes. Sometimes due to transfer work, course substitutions, or other special circumstances, CAPP will not be correct. An academic advisor can substitute, target or waive courses for a student on their CAPP Degree Evaluation. In order to make adjustments to an existing CAPP evaluation, a Substitution, Target and Waiver Form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office for processing. The academic advisor and the department chair must also sign this form as approval of the change before it is processed. (The Substitution, Target and Waiver Form is available in the Registrar's Office.)