Withdrawal Policy

Course Withdrawal

Students who wish to withdraw from a class should observe the following procedure:

  • Obtain a Records and Registrar's Office Change Form at the Records Office and complete the form as marked. (Students may NOT withdraw from a course on the YCP Web.)
  • Retain the stamped pink copy of the Records and Registrar's Office Change Form for your records.
  • Notify your instructor by phone or email so your name can be taken off the class roster.
  • The withdrawal grade will be processed by the Records Office staff.


Important points to remember regarding Course Withdrawal:

  • Failure to attend class or merely giving notice to the course instructor is not considered an official withdrawal.
  • No extension are granted beyond the withdrawal deadline.
  • A course withdrawal will appear on the permanent transcript as "W."
  • A "W" grade does not get averaged into the cumulative grade point average of a student.
  • A "W" grade earns no quality points.


Deadline for withdrawing from a class:

Spring 2015     March 27, 2015

Fall 2015          October 30, 2015


Official College Withdrawals

When circumstances indicate that a full-time student must withdraw from the College, he or she must contact the Dean of Student Affairs for a complete withdrawal from all courses. A student who officially withdraws from the College receives grades of "W" on the transcript. A student who ceases attending classes without completing his or her formal withdrawal will receive a grade of "0" in all registered courses. In addition, the student remains responsible for all financial obligations. A student who withdraws before the end of the term or is suspended or expelled receives no refund. In some academic programs, withdrawal might affect a student's status as maintaining regular progression toward the major.

Part-time students should contact the Registrar's Office if withdrawing completely from the College. Part-time students should note that withdrawal during or after the first class meeting will not eliminate the obligation to pay any remaining balance. (See Tuition and Fees section in the College Catalog for refund policy.)