Student Focused Organizations

The Intercultural Student Life and Global Programming Office is the advising office for the UNITY Club, International Students Club, Lambda, and Hispanic Cultural Society.  Our advising also extends to students outside of our immediate advising arm who seek guidance and professional development.

Hispanic Cultural Society (HCS)

The HCS is a student lead group that seeks to unite students interested in sharing, celebrating and learning about the Hispanic culture.  HCS promotes Hispanic culture by organizing special events, cultural activities, forums and seminars.


Lambda works to provide the York College student body with a positive, supportive organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and their allies.  Lambda serves not only as a social club but also as a confidential support group for students questioning their sexual orientation, regardless of such orientation or gender identity.

Intercultural Student Life Council

The Intercultural Student Life Council of YCP serves as a sounding board and communication avenue on issues, programs, and concerns relating to multicultural students and other special populations. The council meets each semester and membership is comprised of representatives from the following: students, faculty, administration and staff.


First established in 1979 as the Afro-American Club of York College, UNITY has developed over the years and become a club focused on community outreach and promoting diversity.  In doing so, UNITY has become an organization open to all races. UNITY hosts events that educate the student body about diversity through various on-campus and off-campus programs.

Students Against Slavery and Oppression (SASO)

In the face of a growing epidemic across the world, the group known as Students Against Slavery and Oppression is set to be a coalition of students and faculty members set to educate and raise awareness about Modern-Day Slavery. This would be accomplished through organized demonstrations of community that would be set to open the eyes of the collegiate masses to this growing crisis. Though slavery is condemned and illegal throughout the world it nonetheless occurs anywhere and everywhere. This group seeks to expose the monstrosity that slavery is and to aid in the fight against it.