When will I receive my username and password?

After you have been accepted to York College and paid your deposit, you will receive an ID number that begins with "902" along with a PIN in the mail. The 902 number and PIN allow you to access YCPWeb, in which you can see and accept financial aid and make payments on your account. If you encounter any problems entering your 902 number or PIN, please contact the YCP Records Office at 717-815-1504.

Once you have registered for classes and paid your deposit, you will receive a separate username and password from IT which will allow you to access myYCP This username will also be your email address (

The timeline for receiving the myYCP username/password is as follows:

  • Arrives mid-Summer for those enrolled in Fall courses
  • Arrives in early January for those enrolled in Spring courses
  • Arrives in early May for those enrolled in Summer courses

Note: Late registration or failure to pay your tuition deposit will affect this projected timeline.

Once you have received your YCP username and password, you can access ITKB, the IT Help Desk’s knowledge base.  This convenient, self-service resource is provided to answer your technology-related questions to complement the personalized service of IT Help Desk staff.


Is cable TV available?

Cable TV is provided in the Residence Halls as a convenience.  All TVs must be QAM compatible in order to receive cable channels. If a TV is not compatible, QAM Set Top Boxes are available for purchase at the YCP Bookstore.


Are there any requirements I should consider when purchasing a new computer?

The minimum requirements for computer operating systems connecting to the network are as follows:

  • Mac OS 10.4 or higher
  • Windows XP SP2 or higher with all product and security updates completed

Please see our document "Student Computer Recommendations  " for a complete list.


What is myYCP? What can I do in myYCP?

MyYCP is the York College campus portal. It allows students, staff, faculty and alumni of the college to use multiple campus resources including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Blackboard, and YCPweb, with a single login.  This central portal hosts web “communities” for students, faculty and staff, and keeps the campus community informed with announcements on the Home page.


What are the requirements to connect to the YCP wi-fi?

To connect to the YCP network, make sure you have done the following:

  • Download McAfee for YCP - All student PCs are required to download and install the YCP version of McAfee antivirus software. The college provides this product free of charge. To download this file, please visit the myYCP portal homepage. After logging in, students will see a portlet entitled McAfee in the central column.

  • Complete Updates - Before connecting to the York College network, be sure your operating system is up-to-date. System updates must be completed in order to pass our computer scan to allow connecting to the network.

  • Prepare for a Wired Connection - Additionally, IT suggests students residing on-campus bring a Cat 6 network cable in order to connect by wire to the York College network. Most students connect using the wireless network; however, having the "wired" connection as a backup is recommended for those living on campus.


Are YCP students able to get discounts on any products?

Yes. For a list of available discounts for students, please visit the IT Knowledge Base (ITkb): YCP Technology Discounts


What type of network storage system is available on campus? What is an "H:" drive?

The YCP (H:) drive is provided to all students and employees. In short, it's a space provided to all students that is capable of holding up to 1GB of data.  Files on this drive can be accessed from any computer (on- or off-campus) through the myYCP portal.