Staff Sick and Vacation Policies

Staff Sick Policy

Each full-time staff employee shall be allowed sick leave benefits of five full days per year accrued every July 1 cumulative to a maximum of 20 days. Employees may be asked to state in writing the reason for their absence. A doctor’s note maybe required after three days or more for an absence. The College reserves the right to obtain a physician’s opinion. When an employee terminates from employment there will be no pay in lieu of unused sick days in any calendar, fiscal, or academic year.

Furthermore, employees may use their sick time to tend to their spouse or dependents, and state in writing the reason for their absence. Once sick time is depleted, employees must use their vacation time for an absence of this nature. Accrued sick leave will not be paid out upon termination.

Staff Vacation Policy

The College believes in the value of vacation days taken from work. Consequently, salary will not be given in lieu of vacation days not taken (with the exception of separation from employment). Vacation days are accrued on a per month worked basis and can be taken as soon as they are earned, provided the immediate supervisor grants permission. Permission will depend upon the immediacy of the work situation.

Vacation days may be accrued to a maximum of 24 months worked. Any employee who accrues more than 24 months worked worth of vacation will forfeit those vacation days which exceed the maximum.

For a new staff employee, vacation is accrued at a rate of 5/6 day per full month of service, or a total of 10 days after 12 months. Maximum accrued vacation allowable in this case would be 20 days after 24 months worked.

After completion of four full years of employment, an extra week of vacation is accrued up to ten full years of employment, and then two more days are accrued when fifteen full years of employment have been completed. (Maximum 22 days.) Thus:

Full Years of Service

Vacation Days















Any employee may take his/her vacation days following the months in which they have earned them; or he/she may accrue vacation days to the respective maximum allowable, but beyond that they are forfeited.

Upon separation of employment, the College will pay out 100% of the vacation accrual.