Safety and Health Policy

York College recognizes that the health and safety of its employees, students, and visitors is an integral aspect of its success as an institution.  It is the policy of the College to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors on our campus.

To this end, the College will pursue every reasonable effort to provide safe and healthy working and learning conditions, including, but not limited to, providing information, training and advice regarding potential hazards, monitoring and maintaining safe working standards, and promoting safety awareness on campus. The College also recognizes its responsibility to comply at all times with federal, state and local safety laws and regulations as well as with established industry practices and other applicable health safety criteria where appropriate. Employees or students may find Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) forms for hazardous chemicals located where the chemicals are stored. Furthermore, employees or students may request a MSDS for any hazardous chemical for which they come into contact.

All persons associated with the College are individually responsible for taking reasonable care to ensure their own health and safety and the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by their actions. All members of the College community are expected to recognize potential hazards and to make a positive action to prevent illness and injury. Anyone who witnesses an accident or an act or incident involving unsafe or unhealthy behavior should report the behavior or incident to a supervisor or a Senior Administrator.

Employees of the College who are found to have engaged in unsafe or unhealthy behavior while on duty will be subject to disciplinary measures as set forth in the Conduct Requiring Warnings, Suspension, Discharge Policy; students found to have engaged in such behavior will be subject to discipline as set forth in the Student Handbook.

The College has a Campus Safety and Accessibility Committee, consisting of appointed members of the College community including the Dean of Campus Operations, which is responsible for overseeing all safety concerns on campus. All concerns regarding campus safety should be reported to the Committee, via e-mail at