Tuition Exchange Rules

For full-time York College and York Country Day School employees.

1.  Full-time YCP employees are eligible to apply for the TE, Inc. program on behalf of their dependent children for the fall semester following six continuous semesters of full-time employment for faculty, or 36 continuous months of full-time employment for administration and staff personnel.

2.  Full-time YCP and YCDS employees are eligible to apply for the CIC-TEP program on behalf of their dependent children for the fall semester following the start of full-time employment.

3.  TE, Inc. and CIC-TEP scholarship applications may not be sent to the desired school(s) until the dependent has applied for admission to the member school. First-time scholarship applicants are encouraged to ask the tuition exchange liaison to process the application as soon as the admissions application has been sent, however some restrictions may apply as noted in item 4 below.

4.  The exchange scholarship may not be available to otherwise eligible employees for several reasons, including the following:

A.  YCP must import students from other participating institutions to earn the right to export dependents to other Tuition Exchange, Inc. schools. Each year, the number of students YCP is allowed to export, is determined by the Tuition Exchange, Inc. based upon our import credits. We are informed of any restrictions by early October for the following academic year. Therefore any scholarship applications processed prior to the receipt of that information might be withdrawn. We are not limited in the number of applicants for CIC scholarships.

B.  Students might not meet admission requirements at the chosen institution. Scholarship application and college admission application are two distinct processes. Some schools also place conditions upon renewal of existing applications, like a minimum acceptable grade point average.

C.  Many schools place their own limits on the number of TE, Inc. scholarships they offer each year. CIC Program participants typically only offer three new scholarships each year.  Students who choose to attend a school even though the quota has been filled are encouraged to reapply for a scholarship the next year.

5.  Each dependent is eligible for a maximum total of four years (8 semesters) worth of scholarships. Each initial scholarship award is for a two-year period. However, you must renew the scholarship each year to reconfirm employment and eligibility. If (under the TE., Inc. program) sufficient export credits are available, a third year of eligibility will be added during your first year renewal, and a fourth year of eligibility will be added during your second year renewal. The two-year time frame is used to ensure that the maximum number of employees can participate in this program during periods when we have an export restriction placed upon us. If no restrictions are imposed, then the third and fourth years of eligibility should be approved.

6.  If the number of YCP Tuition Exchange, Inc. program applicants exceeds the number of allowed exports in any year, eligibility will be determined according to the following criteria:

A.  Employee seniority by the date of the beginning of the continuous full-time employment period.

B.  Random selection in the event two applicants began employment on the same date.