Counseling Services Groups

Counseling Services offers a variety of groups each semester. For more information and to register with a group click on this link . Feel free to call Counseling Services at 717.815.6437 or email should you have any questions. Groups are open to all registered YCP Students.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Management

Practice mindfulness-based relaxation techniques.  This group teaches mindfulness-based skills to better manage daily stressors, increasing one’s health and wellbeing.  These techniques are practiced during each session. This group meets on Thursdays, beginning at 3:30pm, and lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Building Social Confidence

Education for increasing social confidence, competency, and skills.  This group provides a supportive environment to discuss and learn effective social skills and decrease social anxiety or discomfort. This group meets on Mondays, beginning at 3:00 pm, and lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Just for Today

Open and confidential discussion of substance use and the impact it may have on current life situations.  Any student, regardless of the substance used, is welcome. The meeting day and time is TBD.


Food and Feelings

Find balance in eating, activity level, and self-image.  Participate in creative and nurturing activities in a safe environment where you can be yourself. The meeting day and time is TBD.


Art Techniques for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Discover ways to manage your thoughts and reactions in a safe environment. Learn creative methods to express yourself through art. Move forward, feel empowered, and gain a sense of control. The meeting day and time is TBD.