Counseling Services Groups

Counseling Services offers a variety of groups each semester. Specific information about the groups is listed below. For information on how to join a group, call Counseling Services at 717.815.6437 or email Groups are open to all registered YCP Students.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Management

Practice mindfulness relaxation techniques for increasing your self-management and decreasing the impact of  stress on your daily life. Everyday stressors have an impact on our health and wellbeing.  This drop-in group will teach you about mindfulness based techniques to better manage how stressors affect our lives.  Mindfulness based relaxation techniques will be practiced each meeting.

Building Social Confidence

Support and education for anyone interested in increasing one’s social skills, decreasing social discomfort, and becoming more effective at interacting with others.   Fine-tune or gain new social skills to decrease discomfort and awkwardness when interacting with others.  This group will provide a context to talk about and learn effective ways to interact with others in order to increase confidence and competency in social situations.

Just for Today

Come and talk about the impact of your substance use and learn ways to live one day at a time.  Everyone, regardless of the substance used, is welcome.   Alcohol and other drug use can pose problems for college students.  Some of those problems include academics, relationships, family, work, and disruptive behaviors.  This group will help students learn about the impact of their substance use and have open discussion about current life situations.

Pathways To Freedom

If you grew up in a family where someone was abusing alcohol or other drugs, this group is for you. Find familiarity with others in the group that share similar thoughts about common experiences. Discover how your family upbringing affected the past and how it may influence your future. Join us to learn ways to move forward in a positive direction!

Food and Feelings

Find balance in eating, activity, self-care, and relationships.  Participate in creative and nurturing activities in a safe zone, where you can be yourself.  If you struggle with negative feelings about your weight, body shape, and appearance, or feel guilty or out of control when eating, but desire balance and self-acceptance, then this group may be for you!