The York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program was started in 1989. This unique, locally founded leadership development scholarship program is administered by York College of Pennsylvania, in conjunction with the Crispus Attucks Association and the York City School District. It seeks to identify and to prepare a group of York City youth as future business and professional leaders for the York community.

The York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program has several goals for students selected to participate in the program.

  • Provide high school students with additional enrichment and support services leading to their successful completion of high school and readiness for college.
  • Provide the opportunity to attend York College with a full scholarship.
  • Graduate with a bachelor's degree and relevant career contacts in the York community.
  • Provide the opportunity to obtain meaningful employment in York, Pennsylvania.
  • Encourage participation in organizations that shape the future of York City and York County.

The YCCOSP program provides a selected group of promising and deserving students in the York City School District the opportunity to attend college regardless of financial circumstances, and to promote and assist with career and leadership opportunities in their home community.

Students selected to participate in the YCCOSP will receive additional enrichment and guidance during their high school years to facilitate their graduating from William Penn High School with the academic credentials required to be accepted to York College.

If accepted to York College, students will be provided four years of tuition free education along with free room and board (campus work required), as necessary. During their college experience, students are required to participate in activities that promote leadership and civic responsibility and that link them to potential employers in York.

As of October 17, 2013, there are currently 20 YCCOSP students enrolled at William Penn High School, 1 Crispus Attucks recent graduate and 34 students attending York College.

The program was founded with endowment support from the Graham Companies, the Charles G. Eyster Estate, Kinsley Construction Inc, Shipley Energy Company, Carolyn Eyster Steinhauser, Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Company, and the Wolf Organization, Inc. It is sustained by endowment proceeds, annual giving, student financial aid and York College.