The YCP Writing Center’s mission is to support how writing and multimodal composing are both learned and taught at York College of Pennsylvania. This includes written, oral, digital, and visual rhetorics—the many ways in which people create and communicate meaning to different audiences. We do this by engaging students, faculty, and administrators in learning about writing and communicating at York College, both on an individual basis, and in groups.

To effectively support the teaching and learning of communication in English, we believe it is important to:

  • Provide individualized feedback to student writers while they are creating texts important to their academic, professional, and personal goals;

  • Encourage students to challenge themselves and to experiment with their communication in a safe, inclusive environment;

  • Collaborate with student writers/creators to support their efforts at any stage of the composition process, from developing ideas, to organizing content within a draft, to honing language at the sentence level;

  • Work with faculty and students to build knowledge about how communication is used across the curriculum, and how best to teach the kinds of written, oral, digital, and visual literacies students need and want to learn for academic, professional, and personal success.








Humanities 19


Spring 2016:

Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm

Friday 9am-4pm

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