Skating, Skateboard & Bicycling on Campus

York College has specific rules for skating, skateboard and bicycling on campus.

Stunt bikes, skates and skateboards may not be operated on campus roadways at any time.

Skateboards, skates, and stunt bikes may only be used on campus sidewalks between the hours of 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Anyone found in violation of the skateboard or skating policy may receive a code of conduct citation which will result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct.

The use of bicycles on College roadways are subject to the same policies and laws regarding the operation of a motorized vehicle under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code (Title 75).

All bicycles are required to be registered with Campus Safety. Faculty, staff, and students will be provided with a decal (at no charge) which must be affixed to the bicycle.  Unregistered bicycles found on campus are subject to being seized by Campus Safety.

Any bicycles unclaimed after 3 months will be considered to be abandoned and will be destroyed or donated.

Bicycles are to be parked in bike racks only.  Fastening bicycles to trees, signs, or any other objects is prohibited and may be removed.

Anyone operating a bicycle contrary to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code or in a negligent manner may be issued a traffic citation from Campus Safety.  Any offense can result in a judicial hearing if the circumstances of the case warrant.

All individuals operating bicycles, skates, and skateboards on campus are expected to use the equipment in a manner which is appropriate and considerate of others.

It is recommended that the operator of bicycles, skates and skateboards wear the appropriate manufactured-suggested safety equipment while using the equipment on campus.