Parking Citations

York College campus safety officers and parking enforcement officers are authorized to enforce all campus parking rules and regulations. All faculty, staff, students, guests and visitors are to observe parking lot assignments and restrictions as identified by their parking permit and the regulations and parking map provided with the parking permit.

Anyone parking a motor vehicle contrary to these designations or in a negligent manner will be issued a parking citation from the Department of Campus Safety. Any offense can result in a judicial hearing if the circumstances of the case warrant.

The Department of Campus Safety has the discretion to revoke the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on campus.

Paying Parking Citations

Payment of traffic and parking citations may be made through Student Services in the College portal, by mail or at the Business office in the Miller Administration building (cash or check only); payment by credit card must be done online, through e-billing. The citation should be included with payments by mail. Checks should be made payable to York College of Pennsylvania and should include the students name and the citation number. Cash should never be sent through the mail.

An unpaid citation is considered to be ‘outstanding’ and treated as a delinquent bill. Students will have transcripts withheld and will not be able to register for classes or obtain grades until the citations have been paid.

Parking Fines

Appealing a Parking Citation

To begin the appeal process, you must first pay the citation (within 10 business days) from the date the citation was issued; payments are made at the Business office in the Miller Administration building (cash or check only); payment by credit card must be done online, through e-billing. Once this deadline has passed, appeals are not eligible for review and your right to appeal will be forfeited. 

Once the citation has been paid, visit the campus safety office (with your receipt) to request an appeal form.  Again, this must be completed within 10 business days. 

The appellant should set forth reasons for contesting the citation on the appeal form.  The statement should include clear and convincing evidence.  Any supporting documentation or evidence (such as photographs, medical documentation, auto repair receipts, etc.) may be attached to further substantiate claims.

Appeals are reviewed and resolved by the Ticket Appeals group of the Student Senate’s Operations and Security Committee.

Appeals may be fully or partially granted or denied; any refunds due to a successful appeal will be credited to the students account.  All decisions are mailed to the appellant and are final.

Visitors/Guests who Recieve Parking Citations

Visitors who receive a parking citation must visit the Campus Safety office, in person during business hours, to discuss the citation within seven (7) days of the date of the citation. When coming to the Campus Safety office, the visitor will need to bring the citation in question, their driver's license and vehicle registration for the vehicle cited.

Students are not considered visitors.