Safe Social Networking

Butterfly Are you an online social butterfly?

You can stay safe by following the tips below:

  • Be careful about posting your current location or upcoming plans. There may be people in your network that you don't want to have that information.
  • Don't post any identifying information on a social websites. This includes phone numbers and your dorm name and room number.
  • Be wary of privacy settings on social websites...don't post personal or finanical information. You can't be to sure with whom your sharting information with.
  • Don't accept requests or messages from people you don't know. They might be scam artists.
  • Never post pictures of a sexual nature of yourself or someone else.
  • Online information lives online forever.  Be careful about what you post. Job recruiters often turn to the web and social media websites to screen job applicants. Some off-color post that you make today could have unforseable consequences in the future.
  • Some people you may meet in social websites may not be who they say they are. Never meet face-to-face with someone you've met online.
  • Never give out your password to anyone.