Residence Hall Safety

Thieves are opportunists and every day students unwittingly provide these unscrupulous individuals with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Always remember to lock your door when leaving your room or apartment.  It only takes two to three seconds for someone to enter and scan a dorm room for unsecured property to take.

Remember these tips:

  • Secure all valuables.  Don’t leave your wallet, purse or loose money lying on the desktop.
  • Grab your keys and lock the door behind you when you leave; even if you are just heading to the bathroom to take a shower or style your hair.
  • Never ‘prop’ open any hallway or exterior doors to any residence facility.  This invites unauthorized persons to enter the facility.  Bypassing or circumventing security procedures could put your life and the life of your fellow residents at risk.
  • Never allow strangers or unauthorized persons to enter controlled areas.
  • Report all suspicious persons and activities to your Resident Advisor, Area Coordinator, or to Campus Safety right away.

Being alert and using common sense are the best ways to prevent crime from happening to you and to those around you in
our community. Continued vigilance and watchfulness are necessary to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime. By
taking a few simple precautions you can reduce risk to yourself and also discourage those who commit crime.