Lost & Found Property

All property that is found on campus is turned in to and maintained by the Department of Campus Safety, located in Manor Northeast, for a period of six (6) months.

We will make every effort to return any property to its rightful owner; however, it is your responsibility to claim the item in a timely manner.  You must present photo ID in order to claim any property, lost ID cards notwithstanding. Any items not claimed after the six-month period will be destroyed or donated to charity when possible.  If we are able to identify the owner of found property, an email with the subject 'York College Lost and Found Property' will be sent to the students York College email address.

If you have lost an item and wish to report it, please contact us at 717-815-1314 from off campus or at extension 1314 from on campus. We will need a detailed description of the item that you are looking for.  You may also report the lost item by completing an online form here.

If you have found property, please turn it in to the Campus Safety office, located in Manor Northeast, or at the Campus Information Center, located inside the lobby of the Student Union.

If you have lost your faculty, staff or student ID card, you may disable the card from being used by visiting the flex card website at http://www.yorkflex.com. Click on 'Manage Account' and report the card as lost/stolen. If the card is found, you may revisit the website and re-enable the card in the same manner.