Tuition and Fees

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015: Full-Time Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees (resident and commuter)
Academic Year Per Semester
Tuition $15,920 $7,960
General Fee $1,566 $783
Student Senate Fee $144 $72
Tuition and Fees*: $17,630 $8,815
Room and Board (resident)
Traditional Dorm (Double Room)** $5,540 $2,770
225 Block Meal Plan $4,330 $2,165
On-Campus Total: $27,500 $13,750

*Other fees may be incurred including Undergraduate Differentials for Communications, Engineering, Nursing and Respiratory Therapy majors.

**Room costs will vary upon the actual dormitory assignment. Visit the Residence Life and Housing Office for individual rates.

Additional tuition is billed at the part-time (per credit) rate for any additional credits above the full-time range of 18 credits.

Other Tuition and Fees:

Undergraduate Part Time Tuition and Fees
Graduate Tuition and Fees
Undergraduate Differentials
Summer Semester Tuition

NOTE: Delinquent Accounts -- No student shall be enrolled, receive a diploma or receive a transcript until all previous accounts have been paid. Unpaid accounts will be referred to a collection agency.  All collection costs will be the responsibility of the student.

A $100.00 Off Campus Study Administration Fee is charged to a student who is registered at YCP but conducting their study at another location. Examples would be the Nuclear Med-tech program and any study abroad programs.

The College reserves the right to change fees and charges without notice; however, College policy mandates moderate changes with reasonable advance notice of such changes.