Overpayment of Account/Loan Refunds

York College will issue to students a refund of financial aid or other overpayment received that is in excess of charges posted only after those funds have been received.

Student Loans:
A refund check will be processed as loan money is received and a credit balance exists. The earliest date that a refund check is available is the first day of the semester. Checks are held in the Business Office for student pick-up until after the drop/add period at which time the checks will be mailed to the permanent address. Photo identification is required to pick up a refund check in the Business Office.

Parent PLUS Loans:
Refunds will be processed after the drop/add period. The check will be issued in the name of the parent and mailed to the permanent address.

Parents may submit written authorization to release the credit to the student. The check will then be issued in the student's name. Parents can complete and return the PLUS Loan Refund Release Form or send an email to businessoffice@ycp.edu to provide authorization.

Higher Education Services (HES) Payment Plan:
Payments from the HES payment plan are credited to a student account as an estimated payment until the 5th monthly payment is received by the college. At that time accounts will be reviewed for overpayments, and any credit balance will be refunded to the student.

Overpayments & Miscellaneous Credits:
Refund checks will be issued for all credits over $5.00. Checks will be mailed to the permanent legal address on file in the Records Office.