Business Office Calendars

Spring Semester 2014-2015

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October 1 Wednesday

First day spring semester tuition deposits ($100) are accepted for returning students. Click for instructions on How to Pay Deposits for Tuition or Housing Online.

Current commuter and off-campus students who might be interested in on-campus housing should contact the Residence Life Office. An additional housing/dorm damage deposit ($100) and housing contract will be required.


December 5 Friday

eBills will be posted for all registered students.  See eBilling for more information.

Note: Your eBill WILL reflect your pending financial aid; however, your account balance and transaction history WILL NOT reflect pending financial aid until January 12 (the financial aid dsibursement date).  


Meal plan selection is available online now through January 18.  If you had a meal plan for the fall semester and would like the same plan for the spring semester, no action is necessary.  You will automatically be assigned this same plan for the spring semester.  If you would like to change your plan or add a new plan, see Meal Plans for options and instructions.


December 8 Monday

Flex transfer requests can be made to transfer credit from approved financial aid to a flex account. Students can request a transfer via the Flex Transfer Request Form. A parent can complete the PLUS Loan Refund Request Form to request that credit from an approved PLUS loan be transferred to flex and/or be issued as a refund to the student.

Note:  Due to the large volume of these requests, the Business Office cannot confirm receipt of each request.  Requested flex transfer amounts will appear as available funds on your flex card as of January 14.


January 5 Monday 

Due date of eBill. 


January 7 Wednesday

Last day for students/parents to submit a flex transfer request


January 12 Monday

Financial aid disbursement date. Approved financial aid will now be reflected on your account balance and transaction history.


January 14 Wednesday

Flex transfer requests will be complete and funds will be available for use.


January 18  Sunday 

Last day for online meal plan selection. Contact the Business Office for assistance with meal plans after this date.


 January 21 Wednesday

Refund checks will start to be available for credit balances existing on student accounts as of January 12. Review your student account to verify a refund has been processed. A photo ID is required to pick up a refund check in the Business Office. Refund checks will continue to be processed as financial aid/payments are received and a credit balance exists on a student account.

Note: For students participating in the HES payment plan, refund checks for existing credit balances will be available in early March.


 January 28 Wednesday 

Last day to change your meal plan selection through the Business Office. After this date, meal plans can only be added or increased during the semester.


January 31 Saturday

2014 IRS Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, will be issued and mailed.  Statements will also be available on YCPWeb.


February 6  Friday 

Parent PLUS loan refund checks will be issued and mailed. 


March (early)  

For students participating in the HES payment plan, refund checks for existing credit balances will be available for pick-up in the Business Office (a photo ID is required).