Elevator Pitch Competition

Have an idea for a business that you’d like to pursue? Think you can pitch it in three minutes or less? Would you like to win money to help turn your idea into a reality? If so, the YCP Elevator Pitch Competition is for you!

Q:  What is an Elevator Pitch? A short explanation of an innovative idea for an enterprise or venture.

A:  Creating an effective Elevator Pitch addressing the three key factors -- What is the problem? How do you solve it? What do you need to make it happen? -- is a great way for student entrepreneurs to vet their business ideas quickly and effectively. The 2014 YCP Student Elevator Pitch Competition will again place students and their ideas in front of a qualified panel of judges made up of entrepreneurs, investors and people who can help make it happen. (IMPORTANT: You will be given up to 3 minutes to make your pitch) In addition to judging the competition, the panel will give immediate feedback on the ideas and presentations. Think of "the pitch" as the first step towards creating the business of your dreams -- and if you're successful pitching it, we will help you complete the idea and further assist you in creating your new venture. Cash prizes (including the top prize of $1,000) will be awarded to the winning pitches!


The Pitch Competition is open to ALL York College Students.  Registration is OPEN for the Fall 2014 Competition!

‌Important 2014 Dates

  • Registration opens Sept 16!
  • Need some help developing an idea? Check out the workshop on Oct. 8 at 4 p.m - Preparing an Effective Elevator Pitch - Willman Business Center, Rm. 112
  • Elevator Pitches must be submitted electronically by Oct. 31 at 5 p.m. (Pitches should be no longer than 3 minutes in length.)
  • The top 10 students will pitch their ideas LIVE to a panel of judges on Nov. 14 at 9 a.m.!

Judging Criteria

Participants will register online using our customized iStart platform.  They will be asked to record and link their pitches via private YouTube channel. Pitches should be no longer than 3 minutes. The top 10 participants will then be invited to pitch in real time to our panel of judges on Nov. 14 at 9 a.m.

To determine the winners, participants will be assessed on the following critieria: (1) Innovativeness (2) potential commercial impact (3) effectiveness of presentation.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers!

The top three may also be invited to use dedicated work space in the Business Incubator at the J.D. Brown Center for the duration of the spring semester (and beyond, if qualified). They will be afforded all of the same benefits as any incubator client company in order to better refine their business idea to make it a reality!

2013 1st Place winners, Junior Criminal Justice Major Andrew Komar and Junior Computer Engineering Major Kyle Musco, walked away from the Competition with the top prize of $1,000.  They have spent the last year working on a prototype for their product and were invited to stay an extra semester in the incubator. 





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