A cloud computing company that provides web-based business management services for the construction industry.

3Delivered provides business to business 3D printing and associated value added solutions for digital direct manufacturing and prototyping applications.

MRG Laboratories Logo

MRG Labs is the developer of the Grease Thief®, a patented device used to take and analyze small samples of grease from wind turbines, robots, bearings and gears. The Grease Thief® is a "blood test" to monitor the health and condition of critical machinery. MRG Labs also provides equipment reliability training, and performs analysis on lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids and machine failure analysis.

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Partners & Harrison is a full-service advertising and branding agency that specializes in helping emerging companies realize their full potential.

Signa Chemistry

The exploration for new oil and gas fields is costly and environmental concerns related to new drilling continue to grow. SiGNa’s breakthrough technology for tertiary oil recovery and hydraulic fracturing can help by bringing new life to existing fields.