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I love York College!


Hilary Hurlburt '13

Nursing Major


‌I chose to pursue a career in nursing because I love making a difference in someone’s life. The feeling of knowing that I am truly able to help a person and their loved ones by providing care and support during their time of need is incredible. York College has provided me many clinical experiences that have allowed me to grow and confirm my decision to become a nurse. After graduation, I plan on returning home to New Jersey to work at the local hospital. I want to gain some experience before returning to school to obtain my Masters degree. I dream of one day opening a long term outpatient psychiatric hospital where the residents will be able to gain life skills by working with animals and on a farm. 

Kara Snyder '13

Dual major: Management and Marketing


When I made the decision to come to York College, I hadn't even come close to picking a major. But I knew I was in the right place because York offered a wide variety of majors and the resources to help me decide what was right for me. I was quickly told being undeclared is the most popular "major" for freshmen, and most students end up changing their majors at least once. I realized it takes time and thoughtfulness to make an informed decision, so it's okay to do some exploring! By getting involved on campus and using my advisor and the tools available through the career development office, I was able to figure out that I wanted to try business without getting behind. Since I wasn't sure what aspect of business I wanted to focus on, I took the introductory classes that any business major has to take and later ended up declaring a Management major. I love being a Management major because the coursework marries the analytical side of business with the people-oriented side. Eventually I went on to declare a second major in Marketing as well, and I have been able to learn how to conduct marketing research and how to create a marketing strategy from great professors with real-world experience. I am so glad I took advantage of all that York had to offer because I graduated on time with two majors that I love and skills that I can utilize no matter where my career takes me. 

Kate Karczewski '13

Behavioral Sciences Major 


My choice to become a Behavioral Science major was an easy one. When I first arrived at York College I was interested in pursuing a degree in psychology. However, after taking my first sociology course in the spring of my freshman year, I realized that I was just as interested in how society works as in how the mind of the individual works. The moment I found out that I could combine both fields of study in a single major I declared my major as Behavioral Science. Through my courses I have learned a great deal about working with others and a great deal about myself. I can't say enough good things about my major and the department I have spent the past three years in. The professors and my fellow students are dedicated to their studies and I am so happy that I found an academic home with them. 

Michelle Lynch '13

Biology Major


Ever since Career Day in Kindergarten, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I chose to become a Biology Major at York College after meeting department chair Dr. Kaltreider and learning about the beneficial Pre-Medical courses offered at York Hospital. I also chose a Theatre minor to continue my interest in the performing arts. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying both the arts and sciences, especially when given the opportunity to learn skills in one discipline and utilize them in the other.  My unique educational experience at York successfully prepared me for the complex and dynamic world of healthcare. This fall I will have the privilege of attending the University of Virginia School of Medicine with the goal to graduate as a Medical Doctor in 2017. 

Bryann Peirson '13

Public Relations Major 


I love being a Public Relations major because YCP has afforded me opportunities as a PR major that has attributed to personal success and allowed me to gain practical, first-hand experience that will benefit me post-grad. I chose to be a PR major because I have always been a people person and had a knack for learning new things and wanting to share that information with others, so when choosing to a PR major was simply for that reason, to relate to the public. After graduation in May, I will return as a reservations specialist and program director at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in Quarryville and will be seeking employment at firms in the Lancaster area and eventually make my way out West.

Amanda Hillery-Mills '13

Elementary Education Major 


Choosing elementary education as my major was a very simple decision. My love for children, my passion for teaching and my positive experiences in the education world led me to choose elementary education as my major. However, the caring professors, attentive advisors and supportive staff has allowed me to grow and succeed within the major. My love for teaching has been given the opportunity to grow and prosper thanks to my time at York College. My plans for the future include obtaining a position as an elementary school teacher in the York area and continuing to future my education and expertise.

Le Von White '13

Music Performance Major, Political Science Minor


The major I chose here at York College is Music performance and the minor is political science. The reasons why I pick this two things is because of the love I have for both of them. I enjoy reaching people's soul through music and playing song that they enjoy to hear, sing to, and dance to. I chose Political Science because to me it is one of the most interesting topics out there. There is always something political going on and I enjoy studying the events that take place and the ideas that are being tossed around on how to run our govt. Right now my future plans and not set in stone and I havent really pick anything, but I know that my three choices are either going to law school, grad school, or going out to Hollywood and pursuing my dream as an actor and pianist.  

Michael Wolf '14

Sport Management Major


I love my major because sport is my passion and what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love the fact that I am in the same major as other people who have the same passion for sports as I. There is so much cohesion in this major and the fact that I can name every student in the major is testament to how close we all are. I chose this major out of high school because of how interested I was in sports, and I chose York College of Pennsylvania because of how prestigious the program is. The YCP sport management program is one of the few accredited sport management programs in the country, and the teachers are dedicated on producing successful sport management professionals. This program has given me the opportunity to grow as a sport management professional, and to show sport organizations how much potential I have to succeed. Some of the opportunities I have taken advantage of were working Super Bowl XLVII, attending the SEME Conference and Ivy League Symposium, and being the co-coordinator of the Annual SMSA Golf Tournament. I want to be an event manager for a sport organization in the future, and I am currently working towards that goal. I am grateful that I chose such a great major and the best institution to pursue my career goals.

Laurel France '14

Engineering Major 


‌I became an engineer because I love math, and I love seeing how math is shown in the real world. For many people, math is just useless numbers on a page that will have nothing to do with anything after they fulfill their general education requirements. For me, I love being able to take those numbers on a page and use them to make a circuit that allows enough current and voltage through to light up an LED or emit a sound through a speaker. I'm looking forward next year to focus more on the controls and communications specializations in the electrical engineering program. At the moment, I'm not sure quite what job I want to look for after graduation, and I'm hoping the controls and comms classes will help point the way.