Opportunities at Incubator Companies

The J. D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship, established in 2006, provides start-up companies with a collaborative work environment meant to accelerate business growth and development. The 9,000-square-foot business incubator encourages community members to follow their own paths to self-employment while providing internship and co-op opportunities to students of York College, as well as career placement for alumni. Current alumni working at the J. D. Brown Center include James L. Mason '99 at 3Delivered, Lisa Williams '08 at the MRG labs, and Robert Gelet '12, Brad McCullough '07 and Matt Sterner '06 at Dataforma.


Amanda Miller '14 (York, PA), and Kyle Lawrence '14 (Hanover, PA), work at Dataforma designing and testing templates for roofing contractors. Miller said that her favorite part of the workday is helping people with customer service. "I like working through issues on a one-to-one basis and seeing a project all the way through," she said. Lawrence noted that he enjoys working on products that his customers will actually use. "My favorite part of work is knowing that I am creating something for a customer that is going to be implemented in their day-to-day business activities." Why is a hang glider suspended from the ceiling? One of the founders of Dataforma, an avid hang glider pilot, thought the glider would be an inspirational centerpiece for interns and programmers.



Kyle Lawrence '14 (Hanover, PA), and Amanda Miller '14 (York, PA), work with three YCP alumni, Robert Gelet '12, Brad McCullough '07 and Matt Sterner '06, at Dataforma, a company that strives to provide web-based business management services and customizable templates to the construction industry. Dataforma helps contractors with network design, installation hardware, and troubleshooting problems within their local networks. Left to right: Lawrence, Gelet, Miller, Sterner, and McCullough.

3-D Printing

Thomas Steckbeck '14 (Abbottstown, PA), watches for signs of problems in the printing process at 3Delivered. Steckbeck said that he is gaining valuable experience from his internship that includes real-life problem solving situations and working with a collaborative team. "I like getting to work hands-on with brand-new technology every day." Steckbeck would like to continue working with 3-D printing technology in the future.

3-D Printing #2

Kyle Williams '14 (Broomall, PA), makes adjustments to the 3-D printer that he helped build. Williams says that 3Delivered has been more than accommodating, providing him with any tools that he might need to aid in work production. "Whenever I need something to further the research and development process I’ll just ask and the next day it's on my desk." Williams loves the projects that he is currently working on and said that he would like to continue doing research in the field of 3-D printing.

oil samples

Richard Janosky '13 (York, PA), and Jesse Diehl '13 (York, PA), examine grease and oil samples from various industries. Janosky said, "My favorite part of my internship is being able to help customers through my analysis, and to take in the feedback it gives to them." After graduation, he would like to go to work for an analytical lab. Diehl, on the other hand, noted that being able to use his analytical skills to solve problems is the best part of his day. He would ultimately like to work in a medical laboratory or for a chemical consulting firm.

MRG lab

Richard Janosky '13 (York, PA), and Jesse Diehl '13 (York, PA), both work in the MRG lab at the J. D. Brown Center. The MRG lab is designed to analyze samples of grease from wind turbines, robots, bearings, and gears that will aid in monitoring the condition of critical machinery. The company also offers examination of lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids, and provides machine failure analysis.