Winter 2011-2012

What is the value of a College Degree?

What's a College Degree Worth?

Increasing tuition costs, mounting student debt and the highest unemployment rate ever are fueling an ongoing debate:  What’s the value of a college degree in today’s tough economic environment? What do you actually gain from a college education? How can that be measured against the dollars-and-cents cost of tuition? What can be done to make a degree more affordable for more families? And how do students choosing a college today truly compare them beyond their sticker price?

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Karen Morris-Priester

Against All Odds

In 2007, Karen Morris-Priester ’02 (Allentown, PA) gained national recognition as the first grandmother to graduate from the Yale School of Medicine. She also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She had none of the advantages enjoyed by many of her Yale classmates, and had to keep reminding herself that she had earned her place through hard work and persistence in the face of adversity. Yale was another milestone on a demanding journey to realize her lifelong dream to become a doctor.

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