Winter 2010-2011

The Need for a New Space

When Gerry Patnode, PhD, and his colleagues in the Department of Business Administration gathered last summer to develop a strategic plan for their department, they identified three goals:

1) reinvigorate the academic program;

2) focus on the department’s strengths, which they identified as experience-based learning for students and a strong relationship with the local community; and

3) address the department’s facility weaknesses, which were perceived to be hampering growth and development. 

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New Faces

During the Fall 2008 semester, students in the York College Theatre Program gained access to many more opportunities on and offstage with the construction of the Collegiate Performing Arts Center (CPAC). The CPAC includes the 705-seat York Collegiate Theatre and the Perko Playpen Theatre, an experimental black box-type theatre.

In addition to the enhancements offered by the CPAC, the theatre program has been strengthened by the addition of three new faculty members.

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