The Complete Package

Combining Citizenship with Art & Technology

Many people are familiar with the image of the graphic designer as the person in the black turtleneck with the Mac laptop that peppers his or her speech with acronyms. But there is so much more to good graphic design, and this year’s crop of York College Graphic Design graduates is a prime example of what the discipline can be at its best. Graphic design is often visual and tactical organization executed for client need, but it can also greatly enrich our lives when it informs, entertains, compels and provokes because it is based on the personal motivation and inspiration of the person who created it. Graphic design is a complex process that includes not only the creation of pleasing visual form, but it also entails expert research, careful analysis, inspired writing, efficient organization, professional presentation, and all must be done before any visual artifact is created. No matter how complex our technologies get or how saturated our media landscape becomes, there will never be a substitution for dedicated scholarship, original authorship and artistic excellence. Because of the education received at YCP and the importance placed on citizenship, these graduates will undoubtedly continue to create meaningful work that will resonate for years to come. 

Assistant Professor of Art (Graphic Design) Melanie. M. Rodgers, M.F.A. 

Anya Felch ‌Anya C. Felch '14

‌All of the animals and insects pictured on Anya C. Felch's '14 (Odenton, MD) T-shirts in her project Threads for Fauna are endangered species in York County. "When you think of endangered species you always think of tigers or something. There are overlooked problems in our own community." Just in York County, she explained, there are 51 endangered species. With her project, she wanted to draw attention to a local chapter of an issue that's usually spoken of in global terms and can often seem overwhelming in its seeming universality. Her T-shirts seek to refocus efforts in local communities and her project "is a walking billboard."  


Nicole Brown Nicole G. Brown '14

Nicole G. Brown '14 (Brook Haven, NY) drew from a minor in Psychology to design her book Dynamic Marbles, "I wanted to take the complex text of a Psychology book and break it down into everyday language that anyone could understand." In comparison to the drab, boring visuals often featured in educational resources, Brown's project incorporates graphics that are designed to be much more visually stimulating for a reader. "The whole concept," she said, "was to go against the typical textbook."




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