Fall 2013 York College Magazine Cover

Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 issue of Y.C. Magazine features:

  • York College's new president talking about her family and career, and looking forward to guiding the College from great to greater.
  • Faculty members, Dennis Weiss, Ph.D., and Philip Verrecchia, Ph.D., offering their perspectives about whether privacy should take precedence over security in a new section called "Two Views." 

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Getting to Know Dr. G-S 

York College president Dr. G-S

Dr. G-S chats with college editor Gail Huganir.

When you step into Dr. G-S's office, you'll see a vintage microscope sitting on a table. This was a gift from colleagues at Spelman College, her alma mater, where she was the Porter Professor of Physiology, Biology Chair, and Associate Provost for Science and Math, before she became Provost and Academic Vice President at Drew University. It shows her passion for science, as well as the value she places on maintaining connections. 

Nowadays, she is busy making new connections as president of York College.

Learn more about Dr. G-S.

Privacy vs. Security

Privacy vs. Security

Two Views

Security v. Liberty

By Philip Verrecchia, Ph.D., YCP Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Privacy, Security, and the Changing Nature of Technology

By Dennis M. Weiss, Ph.D., YCP Professor of Philosophy

Learn more about Privacy vs. Security.