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It's Thanksgiving tomorrow but maybe we should fast forward to Christmas! #ycp #snowatycp #becarefulontheroads

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We hope you have a great, uplifting Thanksgiving break! York College Spartans

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9 hours ago

YCP Grumbacher Sport & Fitness Center is closed tomorrow because of the impending bad weather. So if you were looking for an excuse not to work out right before your Thanksgiving feast... you're welcome.

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25 hours ago

York College Alumni @YCPAlumni
Our is taking a break. But will be back starting Jan. 7th in Long Island! Stay tuned.
Posted 6 hours ago.

York College of PA @yorkcollegepa
Have a safe drive home and Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted 6 hours ago.

York College of PA @yorkcollegepa
We certainly don't want to jeopardize your safety. We'll find out what happened- because of campus closing it may take a bit.
Posted 7 hours ago.

York College of PA @yorkcollegepa
Thanks for letting us know about the concern. And safe travels today!
Posted 7 hours ago.

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