President's Report 2010-2011

Then & Now

The York Junior College 70th anniversary provides an opportunity to celebrate the past and acknowledge current achievements.

Reflecting on the past is a useful way to inform the present and inspire the future. The York College community has much to celebrate this year, including the 70th anniversary of the founding of one of the College’s educational pillars: York Junior College. Join us as we stroll down memory lane, listen to some of the first YJC alumni reminisce, consider the YJC legacy, and see what has been accomplished recently.

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The Graham School of Business

Graham Foundation makes watershed gift to York College, names Business Administration Program.

Donald Graham’s personal story of business success began humbly in 1960, when he founded Graham Engineering in the basement of his rented farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania. After years of hard work, dedication, and wise business decisions, Graham is today chairman of The Graham Group, a York-based alliance of independently owned and operated industrial and investment management businesses that share in the common legacy of entrepreneur Graham’s industrial success.

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