Presidential Search Timeline

Winter/Spring of 2012

Definition of Opportunity 

The Search Committee will be working with representatives of all constituencies and Collegiate Counsel to craft a concise statement of the opportunity that the presidency of York College offers, along with the qualifications and expectations of the ideal candidate.


Spring, Summer and Fall of 2012

Identification of Prospective Candidates

After an extensive national advertising effort, the Search Committee will begin to review the documents of those candidates who have expressed interest in the opportunity.

Fall of 2012

Evaluation of Potential Candidates

A short list of potential candidates will be selected by the Search Committee, and Collegiate Counsel will carefully investigate the experience and credentials of each of the finalists.

Winter of 2013

Campus Visits 

Finalists will visit the campus for meetings with representatives from all constituencies. Constituencies will have an opportunity to submit comments for consideration of the Search Committee, prior to its recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Winter of 2013

PSC Recommendation to the Board of Trustees

The Search Committee will select its candidate(s) and make a formal recommendation through its chair to the Board of Trustees. Due to the importance of this appointment, the Search Committee will have the option of extending the search as necessary to assure that its mission is accomplished.

Late Winter or early Spring of 2013

Appointment bv the Board of Trustees

Ultimately, a meeting of the Board is held to hear the recommendation of the Search Committee and to confirm the appointment of the new president.

Start of Service

The new president will take ofñce on or about July 1, 2013.