Virtual Lunch with Dr. G-S

Below are the answers to the live chat questions Dr. G-S didn't get a chance to answer during the Virtual Lunch:

1. How did you learn to dance? 

I took dance lessons as a child as well as violin and piano. But it is mostly my natural rhythm and love of different types of music, from classical to hip hop, that account for my smooth moves on the dance floor. Plus you can learn various dances and moves by watching YouTube videos. I was able to brush up on my “Gangnam Style” dance that way for Midnight Madness.

2. What are your thoughts on the diversity of York College, and are there any strategic plans to enhance?

First let me explain why diversity in any academic setting is important. Our graduates will live in an increasing diverse world.  It is important that they not only appreciate the richness that diverse points of view bring to any conversation but that they also understand the impact of cultural differences and perspectives in decision-making and work in a global environment. Many of the organizations in which our students will work are global and employers are looking for smart people who can interact with a diverse group of colleagues and customers. A diverse learning environment must go beyond ethnic, social, and economic diversity to include diversity of thought and point of view. 

We can do more with respect to providing opportunities for our students to learn in a diverse environment. This includes providing greater access to study abroad programs, internships, recruiting international students, and more minority students and faculty.

3. Do you have pets, what kind, and what are their names? 

I am presently (for the first time) pet-less. However, I am a dog person. We had Collies and Great Danes when I was a child. As an adult, my family has also had dogs. Both of my sons had a dog that they called their own.  The first was Sandy Dog, a Border Collie; the second was a Retriever/Collie mix named Frick. When my mother passed we added her Basset Hound, Fred, to the family. All of our dogs have been great companions. Sandy and Frick were 16 years old when they departed and Fred was 12. 

I also maintained a tropical fish tank for many years and I am the proud grandparent to my son’s cat, Dizzy Cat, who comes to visit from time to time

4. In what ways do you believe Residence Life and Housing can motivate and inspire YCP students? 

York College believes in the holistic education of our students. While many students might prefer to live off campus or commute because of finances, the residential experience adds to the overall value of the EDUCATION that York College provides. For many students, it is the first time that they have had to negotiate living with a non-relative of a different culture, value system, experience. This is important as students begin to develop that important sense of self as they move towards being independent adults. Residence Life provides a wide variety of programs designed to complement the classroom experience and a student social development. On average, students spend 15 hours per week in the classroom. That leaves a lot of time for students to be engaged in a wide range of activities that will help to contribute to their development.

5. What is your favorite sports team other than the YCP Spartans? 

 Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves; Auburn Tigers. Atlanta is my family’s hometown and my youngest son went to Auburn University. Sorry, no Ravens, Eagles, no Steelers, no Orioles, no Pirates at my house!

6. What is your vision for York College? 

 York is a great institution. My vision is that it will be even greater.

7. How can you help more in the City of York?

One of the things that attracted me to the position of president of York College was to be engaged in the community of York. During my interview, students told me that they wanted York to be their hometown away from home. Our students are taking the lead and I support them 100%. The Spartan Day of Service as part of my inaugural events was my way of demonstrating our commitment to the city. We had over 200 York students, faculty, and staff who walked the rail trail from our west campus to the center of York where we engaged in over 11 service projects.  York College has a lot of intellectual capital and can be expended to assist the city and its residents. There is more that we can and should do. Community engagement is one of my strategic initiatives for the College.

8. What are your thoughts about having a Veterans Affairs Office at York?

I am committed to serving all of York College students and to providing the best educational experience possible. I have seen the results of a recent survey regarding the needs of our veterans. I will be working with my senior staff to see how we might incorporate some of the recommendations that were made.