Sustainability & Environmental Studies

Sustain CSeries 2015-16 Cover

If we don't know where we have been, it is hard to know how to go forward. The challenge of sharing the roots of sustainability while bringing current perspectives to students is a balancing act for the sustainability and environmental studies program. This year's series captures that attempt. In the fall, we examine the recent history of sustainability.

We start with a documentary that awakened many to environmental concerns. Next, we examine how contemporary issues in the American southwest are a result of our history with water management. We close out the semester with a discussion of the birth of Earth Day 45 years ago. In the spring, we turn to sustainable living.

We open with a panel discussing how to "green your life." Next, we look at one of the hottest trends in housing — living in houses smaller than the average classroom.

We end the year by hearing from a woman who found that the key to real happiness was by downsizing, er … smart-sizing her life. Join us as we look to the past in order to see how to live now and for the future. Perhaps it is fitting that Thoreau's call for a simple life still resonates today.