Environmental Science


Sustainability Cover Page Sustainability concerns seem to be encroaching more and more into our lives. From discussions about the economic and environmental impact of gas drilling in Marcellus Shale or the Keystone Pipeline to political questions surrounding climate change; from reinvigorated farmers' markets to 21st-century Victory Gardens and food recovery programs; from curbside recycling to carbon-footprint calculations, it is hard to be unaware of the "green creep" in society and not start asking questions. How should we interact with the physical world? Where do we turn to sort through all the disagreements? What can we do? The Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SES) minor brings together perspectives on sustainability, from the physical and behavioral sciences, literature, writing, history, geography, law, economics and philosophy, to encourage students to discover for themselves what they think about various environmental issues. Some of the diversity of thought and issues is illustrated in this series. This year, we look at water scarcity issues on a global scale, deforestation in Brazil tied to the leather and dairy industries; transforming school food programs around the country; a reflection of the Three Mile Island accident on the 35th anniversary of the incident; the incredible work in protecting polar bears; and the origins and motives of the Earth Liberation Front and eco-terrorism. Please join us as we explore a few of the pieces of the mosaic that makes up Sustainability and Environmental Studies.



Fall 2013

Spring 2014