Bryan Stevens

Mexican Masks Bryan Stevens, M.D.; Moderator Cindy Doutrich, Ph.D.
Rediscovering Mayan Culture Through Mexican Masks
Lecture: November 14, 2013, 7 p.m.
Willman Business Center, Weinstock Lecture Hall

Dr. Stevens is a retired psychiatrist who lives in York, PA. He began to collect Mexican masks in 1987. These masks represent indigenous cultures, particularly of southern Mexico, that have managed to keep alive many of their traditions through the use of dances. Stories of their people are told when the dances are performed, and these are passed down through the generations. Stevens has established a longtime relationship with the people of the Sierra de Puebla. He has been able to gain their trust, they have shared stories of their culture with him, and allowed him to observe their dances and take photos of the community. They also helped him find masks for his collection. He made discoveries, and helped the English-speaking world to enter this world through his two books on the subject, including Yaquis: A Celebration, and built a bridge between cultures.