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The Public Humanities Series Lectures and panels are free and open to the public. 

"We find ourselves housed and displaced within language with metrics of value that not only cannot gauge well what we do, but have so monopolized the field of value that they threaten to consign what we do to oblivion." — Judith Butler, "Ordinary, Incredulous"

The "public humanities" represents a wide range of creative and critical activity and thought that attempts to link a humanistic tradition of inquiry and experimentation to the civic space. As the American philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler observes, the success of this linkage depends largely on the humanities' ability to explain and demonstrate its value to the public at large. Moreover, as a matter of urgency, the humanities need to continually (re)define the "public worth" of creativity and thinking for future "regimes of value."

The 2015-2016 Humanities Lecture Series theme, "The Public Humanities," will feature internationally recognized figures in the field of public humanities and civic engagement.

In addition to our guest speakers, the Humanities Lecture Series will have two interdisciplinary panel discussions (fall and spring) on the concept and practice of the public arts and humanities.

For additional information about any of the humanities lectures call 717-815-1349.