Humanities Film Series

Film Series 2014-15 The annual Humanities Film Series at York College is an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the English and Humanities Department and the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs.  Its aim is to promote the humanities on campus and in the surrounding community by fostering a serious and ongoing discussion about cinema. 

All too often, movies are treated as a “disposable” form of entertainment in our culture: once watched, they are soon forgotten, leaving no lasting impression and prompting little in the way of meaningful dialogue. The Film Series seeks to change this by presenting movies in an academic context, one in which the audience can learn about the various aesthetic, social, and historical dimensions of cinema, while also having the opportunity to discuss the nature of the medium and its effects.

The Film Series consists of six events scheduled throughout the academic year that are free and open to the entire college and the surrounding community. At each of these events, a guest scholar or filmmaker screens a film or delivers a lecture on cinema, and then leads a discussion.

The films screened vary widely to include classic as well as contemporary American and foreign movies. We are especially excited about our 2014-15 program, which features a range of films from new independent movies to Hollywood classics to contemporary documentaries, along with guest appearances by acclaimed filmmakers and noted scholars--some of whom are York College faculty members. We hope to see you at the movies!

For additional information about film showings at York College call 717.815.1349.