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Tip of the Month

Active Listening

Active listening requires you to not only listen, but also to respond. Essential techniques include:  

  • Remain patient. A common breakdown in listening comes when the listener begins to formulate their response before the speaker is finished. Listen to the entire message before formulating your own response. 
  • Check accuracy. Ask questions to check the accuracy of the message as well as to check your own comprehension. When checking comprehension, paraphrase by stating in your own words what you understood the speaker to say.
  • Listen to new ideas. You do not have to like an idea to listen to it. Avoid directly challenging people. Pay attention to the entire message before deciding whether you agree or disagree with the speaker. Be aware of your own biases.
  • Detect emotions. In addition to interpreting and understanding the content, listen for the feelings and emotions that underlie the speaker’s message. 
  • Evaluate the speaker’s content, not the delivery. Remember to listen for the content behind a good delivery and a polished presentation. 

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Professionalism is...

"Professionalism is effectively presenting yourself to others in person and online. "

Brian Baker
Senior, Early Elementary/Special Education


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