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At York College, we prepare students as professionals in whatever career they pursue. Under the direction of the Center for Professional Excellence (CPE), we offer valuable resources, tips, experience and research that will help students develop a concrete plan to attain academic growth and career success.

Tip of the Month

Practice, Practice, Practice. 

Before you race off to deliver your next presentation, practice it several times. A rehearsed presentation will run more smoothly, as well as help you come across more relaxed and confident to the audience.  

Practice will help to: 

  • Prevent embarrassment. Practice helps avoid the kind of embarrassment that comes from finding out during your presentation that your font was too small and no one could read your visuals or that there were some misspelled words on the handouts.
  • Confirm the timing. Many presenters are notorious for miscalculating the amount of time a presentation will take. No one can get through 75 slides in 15 minutes. Practice will also reveal if you are spending the right amount of time on the introduction, the body and the conclusion. 
  • Uncover any bare spots in the presentation. While rehearsing out loud, you can get a feel for which of your thoughts/ideas are incomplete or illogical. 
  • Prepare for the unknown. If you rehearse in front of a few trusted colleagues, they can help you prepare for questions that might sabotage an otherwise good presentation. 

Additional Resources:

Matthew Randall, executive director of the Center for Professional Excellencefollows the topic of professionalism and coaches others toward professional excellence. 


Professionalism is...


Rebecca Dippel ‌"is being in the right place, at the right time...and being prepared."



Rebecca Dippel
Senior, Graphic Design Major

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