About Us

The Office of Communications enhances York College's visibility and reputation by:

  • generating publicity materials and placing stories in the news media about York, its faculty, alumni and students (including athletes and sports teams)
  • designing, producing and distributing publications, videos and other media
  • managing and promoting York's relations with the public, including local government representatives, city officials and neighbors
  • providing photography services for the campus
  • communicating news and information about York to the campus community through online publications and email
  • administering the College's visual identity system as it relates to publications, printed materials and Web pages

Please contact the following for:

Media relations, community relations, visual identity system - Mary Dolheimer (mdolheim@ycp.edu)

Social media, website - Andrew Shaw (ashaw14@ycp.edu)

Publications design and production - Lance Snyder (lsnyder@ycp.edu)

Sports information - Scott Guise (sguise@ycp.edu)

Photography - Mike Adams (photo@ycp.edu)

Magazine - Gail Huganir (ghuganir@ycp.edu)