Undeclared Student Advising

Undeclared is the largest major for incoming students at York College. Students that enter YCP as Undeclared are a part of the Explore 360 program. Explore 360 matches each Undeclared student with an Academic Advisor and a Peer Advisor. Academic Advisors and Peer Advisors support each Undeclared student on a guided journey of exploration. It is that personalized connection and meaningful interacts between advisors and students that also makes YCP distinct. 

Explore 360? Think about the circumference of a circle... 360 degrees. Undeclared students at York College are encouraged to explore all around them as they find their path, their purpose and their major.

Additionally, we recognize that not every student is at the same place in their journey of exploration. Some students are truly "undeclared" -- unsure of any major; others are deciding between a few majors; and some need to meet program requirements to be able to enter their major of choice. To all of those students, we encourage them to continue to explore, as they are individually supported by an Academic Advisor and Peer Advisor.

It's not about declaring quickly, it is about declaring correctly.

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Campbell Hall, Room 200.

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Monday – Friday

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Contact Us

Stephanie Perago, M.A.
Undeclared Student Advising
Phone: 717.815.2043
Email: sperago@ycp.edu

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Undeclared Student Experience

  • Attend Accepted Student Day
  • Over the summer – monthly contact with Peer Advisor
  • Fall Orientation
    • Saturday morning – Your Major and You
    • Monday afternoon – Academic Advising Session
  • Bi-monthly meetings with Peer Advisor
  • Monthly meetings with Academic Advisor
  • Undeclared Student Socials
  • Majors Fair
  • Continued communication with Peer Advisor and Academic Advisor until major is declared