Services and Accommodations

Depending on the documentation submitted and the needs of the student, accommodations for students with disabilities may include:

  • Extended time on tests
  • Testing in a reduced distraction environment
  • Recording lectures
  • Note taking assistance
  • Use of auxillary aids (calculator, laptop, spell checker, etc.)
  • Use of assistive technology
  • Alternate format texts
  • ASL interpreter
  • Wheelchair accessible desks
  • Wheelchair accessible shuttle service

Other accommodations can be provided on a case by case basis.

Please note that students remain responsible for meeting the course requirements and accommodations can only be provided if they do not fundamentally alter the course objectives and academic integrity of the course

It is strongly recommended that students NOT take a "wait and see" approach to providing documentation and establishing their eligibility for accommodations. It is best to have the accommodations in place at the beginning of the semester so that they are available for students to utilize quickly if needed. It is always the student's decision whether or not to use an accommodation, even after determined eligible.

All students at York College are encouraged to fully utilize the Center for Teaching and Learning where tutoring and study skills workshops are available. Please visit the Center for Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Center, Room 01 or call them at 717.815.1296 for further information about their services provided.

Questions regarding housing accommodations for students with disabilities at York College are addressed by the Residence Life Office. Call 717.815.1281 for more information.